Gavind Malhi
Gavind Malhi

Gavind Malhi

Hi! I'm a Gavind. Student at the University of Manchester, and passionate photographer!

I was born and raised on the Fylde Coast (near Blackpool), and for  years  this beautiful part of Lancashire has been my home and played the subject for my photography. I’ve always felt comfortable behind the camera and my hobby has naturally progressed into so much more.

Having visited so many beautiful places, within the British Isles, and around the World, I have learnt the importance of capturing the intricate details of the world we live in. This philosophy – I like to think – has come with me to influence the work I produce.

I specialise in capturing all sorts of events, my personal favourites are definitely the massive university society events, parties and weddings. I love the ability to mingle within the crowd and capture candid photographs – especially people caught up in the moment!

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy strapping on my walking boots and going out with the camera and tripod, to capture the natural beauty around me! Have a look at my portfolio to learn more about some of my work! For a fresh up to date collection of my day to day work, checkout my Instagram and Facebook!

To discuss my work or how I can capture your special day, you can contact me!